Board of Directors and Company Secretary


Will Samuel BSc, BA, FCA

Non-Executive Chairman

Ben Loomes

Chief Executive Officer


Lucianna Germinario
Chief Financial Officer

David Rough BSc, Hons

Senior Independent Director


Andrea Abt MBA

Independent Non-Executive Director

Jeremy Beeton CB, BSc, CEng, FICE

Independent Non-Executive Director

Philip Keller  

Philip Keller

Independent Non-Executive Director

Anne Wade BA, MSc

Independent Non-Executive Director


Clare Underwood BSc, ACA

Group Company Secretary



Section 430(2B) Companies Act 2006 Statements

Olivier Brousse

365bet体育官网Olivier Brousse ceased to be an Executive Director with effect from 7 May 2020. Following his departure, Olivier will receive salary, benefits and pension up to the date of cessation of employment on 7 May. He will also receive a payment of £26,790 in lieu of unused annual leave entitlement up to the Retirement Date.

Olivier resigned from the Board, therefore his outstanding awards under the Company’s incentive plans will lapse in full with effect from 7 May 2020, and under the terms of the Remuneration Policy he will not receive any bonus in respect of 2020.

Olivier Brousse has not received and will not receive any payment for loss of office.

Toby Hiscock

Toby Hiscock retired as a non-executive director of the Company on 7 May 2020.

365bet体育官网The Company confirms that no payments for loss of office are to be made to Mr Hiscock. In accordance with his letter of appointment and the Directors’ Remuneration Policy, Mr Hiscock’s Non-executive annual Director fee is £68,000, which is comprised of a base fee of £53,000 and £15,000 for acting as Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee. This is paid in monthly instalments, with the final payment pro-rated to 7 May 2020, and paid in May 2020.