Intercity Express Programme

Following the Department for Transport (DfT) and Agility Trains East (with its shareholders Hitachi Rail Europe and John Laing Investments) achievement of financial close on the East Coast Main Line fleet of trains for the DfT’s Intercity Express Programme (IEP) in April 2014, all the financing is now in place to successfully deliver the IEP.

See below to view a time lapse video of the Hitachi Stoke Gifford Train Maintenance Centre.


The IEP is an innovative scheme that covers the finance, design, manufacture, delivery into daily service and maintenance over 27.5 years of a fleet of 122 state-of-the-art Super Express trains for the Great Western Main Line (GWML Phase 1) and the East Coast Main Line (ECML Phase 2). Among other things, the scheme brings guaranteed availability of the trains to the operating company. The trains, offering significantly increased capacity and higher service levels compared to the current fleet, will be manufactured by Hitachi Rail Europe in a new UK factory and maintained in facilities around the country.

365bet体育官网With a total contract value (across the two phases) of £5.8billion it is one of the largest public private partnerships (PPPs) to be awarded and easily the largest in 2012.


IEP - Hitachi Super Express Train (CGI)  

365bet体育官网Agility Trains is the contract partner for the DfT for the delivery of trains, maintenance and daily service delivery, with Hitachi Rail Europe as sub-contractor in charge of supplying the trains and ensuring that they reliably perform day in and day out. The contract guarantees 27.5 years of usage of the trains, ensuring long-term reliability for UK passengers.

Given the size of the project, the transaction has been split into two phases. In July 2012, Agility Trains West and the DfT achieved financial close for the GWML project. Agility Trains East and the DfT achieved simultaneous commercial close for the ECML project with financial close achieved in April 2014.

Ongoing activity

As part of the contract, Agility Trains’ sub-contractor Hitachi Rail Europe will provide 866 carriages of electric and bi-mode trains for the Great Western Main Line (Phase 1) and the East Coast Main Line (Phase 2). The fleet of 122 trains will be maintained in a number of new-built and upgraded maintenance facilities, including new depots in Swansea, Bristol, west London and Doncaster.

IEP - Hitachi Super Express Train (CGI)

Further information

Click  to view a video on John Laing and Hitachi Rail Europe: Supporting UK infrastructure through the Intercity Express Programme.

Click to view a high definition Computer Generated Image (CGI) video from Hitachi Rail Europe detailing the initial views of the new Intercity Express trains commissioned by the DfT to Agility Trains Ltd.

365bet体育官网Click to view a CGI video from Hitachi Rail Europe detailing the initial views of the new manufacturing plant in Newton Ayclife for the Hitachi Intercity Express Programme trains, commissioned by the DfT to Agility Trains Ltd.

Click to view ITV news video coverage of the final designs of the Intercity Express trains.